In 2016 Bangkok based Dutch goldsmith Martin Dautzenberg turned to The New with the idea of his own jewellery brand. Being the owner of jewellery factory he executes orders for such major brands as IBB Amsterdam and David Morris. Martin proposed to turn to the history of Dautzenberg's family coat of arms and interpret it for a new reality.

We have started with a search for a simple and logical principle which would have allowed us to build contemporary identity on the basis of medieval heraldic elements. The solution was found in the shield's tilt: 12º angle became the core of the identity. All graphical elements unified by the tilt were renewed in vector form and prepared for modern printing techniques.
Alex Rud (THE NEW)
Alex Rud
Maxim Deev
Martin Dautzenberg
All graphical elements are made considering three types of reproduction: small, large prints, and engravings.

Logotype and typography are based on Eksell Display typeface family, consisting of different optical styles suitable for each reproduction technique.
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